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Silt Kleen HB50E Settlement Unit Now Available in Canada

Hoelscher Dewatering is proud to offer an alternative to HUGE Weir tanks, large storm ponds, and homemade settlement tanks. The Silt Kleen HB50E Silt unit is only 3m x 3m and has an adjustable base to increase head for gravity discharge. These units are ready to ship to your next job site to remove silt down to 18 microns. Simple, easy and innovative!

The Silt Kleen HB50E provides an effective settlement area of 50 m2. It is a transportable settlement trap with dimensions designed to fit in tight locations. The unit is typically operated with either a 4” or 6” pump.

To provide effective recovery of suspended particles the Silt Kleen HB50E unit is normally operated at flow rates of up to 50 m3/hr. However, when treating rapidly settling solids or when operated in conjunction with our chemical dosing system the flow rate can be increased up to the hydraulic capacity of the unit (100 m3/hr).

The solids (sludge) collected by the unit settle within the units twin hopper and are easily removed by the opening of a gate valve, eliminating the need for the unit to be taken off line for emptying, beneficial for applications where near continuous operation is required.


The Benefits: 

  • Readily transportable, fast and simple to setup, easy to operate
  • Small footprint units with large settlement area
  • Unique design enables rapid particle settlement and water clarification
  • Up to 20 times more efficient than conventional settlement tanks and lagoons of the same plan area
  • Choice of unit sizes and capabilities to suit most applications
  • Units can be used individually or linked to accommodate a wide range of flows, pump sizes and particle characteristics


Total Water Treatment Solutions:

Silt Kleen units can be configured as single or multiple units for basic gravity separation and discharge-to-sewer applications. They can also be supplied as part of a complete, tailored, packaged treatment solution – including ancillary equipment, such as:

  • Lids, covers, walkways & access platforms
  • Flow splitter valves, flow meters & flanged ports
  • Automatic, flow proportional, single or multi-stage chemical pre-treatment
  • Fully containerised dosing systems
  • Flash mixers
  • Pipe flocculators or mixing agent
  • Automatic desludging systems
  • Sludge pumps & sludge storage tanks
  • Dewatering systems