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German-based Hoelscher Wasserbau, an international contractor specializing in groundwater management, pumping and related services, announced that it has expanded into the Ontario market, with an office complex located in Mississauga and equipment yard in Bolton to serve the Greater Toronto Area.

This expansion comes at a critical time in Ontario, when infrastructure growth is unprecedented—as are the billions of dollars being invested in new high rise and mass transit construction. Accompanying the surge in growth are stringent new regulations and the need for complicated environmental approvals. Cities and municipalities are imposing substanial fees, conditions and permits for the discharge of water to the sewer system. Developers are seeking contractors with local knowledge and trusted, global solutions to ensure their end-to-end process is smooth, on time and on budget.

Since 1959, this leading EUROPEAN company has been tackling the groundwater management needs of large scale construction projects, while steadily expanding into the global market. Today, the highly specialized team is in a league of its own, offering a wide range of services in the areas of dewatering, groundwater control, well drilling and water treatment, with more than 800 projects successfully completed each year. Where other dewatering contractors focus on the removal of groundwater, Hoelscher Dewatering oversees the complete process, offering pragmatic solutions early on in the design stage before costly mistakes are made. The company also employs its own state-of-the-art, patented HW technology, touted for its reliable execution and reduced impact on the environment.

“Whether you’re looking for a groundwater expert before embarking on a new construction project, or a service and maintenance provider during construction, Hoelscher Dewatering is a leading specialist with international credibility and local expertise,” said Patrick Maher, Business Development Manager. “We are proud to be the newest North American subsidiary to emerge out of such a successful European enterprise.”

“This is a heavily regulated industry,” said Tim Roeder, Director, Hoelscher Dewatering, Germany. “Part of Hoelscher Dewatering’s mass appeal is that we know the business inside and out, both from a local standpoint and internationally. With the steadily rising project requirements in the construction and environmental sectors, when you partner with us, you can feel confident you are partnering with the best.”

About Hoelscher Dewatering

Hoelscher Dewatering is an independent enterprise with locations in Germany, Britain, Romania, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland and Qatar, and more recently in North America. A highly specialized team offering an array services in the areas of dewatering, groundwater control, well drilling and water treatment, you can find out more by contacting Patrick Maher at 416-805-2010.